Bespoke Drillium Track Chainrings - different sizes, colors, designs


Image of Bespoke Drillium Track Chainrings - different sizes, colors, designs

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Available in the following sizes (leave a comment which size you like to have. Some might be out of stock and therefor pre-order):
144 bcd
46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53t

130 bcd
45, 47, 49t

Engraved with Swallow, Mess Pack or Blank.

Drillium Track Edition | Silver Anodised, Black Anodised | 46t to 54t
Drillium Track Edition | Copper, Nickel, Olive | 48t to 50t

Teeth Profile:
Plate Width:
5mm outer ridge machined down to 4mm center.
7075 Alloy

The 2017 Track Chainrings have been re-designed with major consideration towards performance in fixed crits. Inspired by the tooth design of the Sugino Zen (NJS) the tooth is smooth and curved, no sharp angles, yet wide and with arcs that fit the chain perfectly - so the acceleration and deceleration is perfectly tuned in. Smooth and Silent like a predator. Each ring is high precision double machined. Perfectly refined.

Currently being raced around the world by Mess Pack Berlin, East London Fixed, Team Nater and other individuals in the Red Hook Crit series, pro track cyclists as well as bike messengers around the world.

Design Detail:
The Swallow - Here's to Freedom, Hope and the many miles travelled!
Mess Pack - As a sponsor of Mess Pack Berlin this is the team chainring. Also honours the messengers around the world.
Drillium - As a nod to the racing in decades past, Eddy Merckx and the hour record. Lighten the weight but not the strength and watch how it catches the light!

Custom desgins and custom laser engraving also available, at